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It’s happened before. We’ve literally had customers signing up to be notified when our solar generators come back in stock. And when the generators finally came back in, we nearly sold out again just from our “waiting list.”
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We Know: This Is the Most Expensive Survival Tool We Sell
That's why we're marking this 50% off. And PACKING it with over $400 of free bonus gifts, yours to keep.

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And a 1-year guarantee.

Hi, it’s Danielle here with 4Patriots.

With everything going on right now, and with the next season coming in fast, things are pretty busy around here…

So today and for maybe a little while longer, we’re going to include a FREE pack of emergency goodies worth over $400 AND a discount of almost 50% on each solar generator we sell.

We call it our “Patriot Power Generator 1500.” And yep. This is an INCREDIBLE deal.
Power Your Fridge
If you're smart about how you use it, you can make your fridge last much longer with a solar powered battery on hand. That's what this does.
Recharge It While You Use It
You can also grab up to two more solar panels to triple your charging speed or compensate for cloudy weather.
Set It Up in Under a Minute
No tools. No installation. No wiring. Just one simple plug that only plugs in one way. So you can't get it wrong.
Here’s why we’re doing this:

Our mission is to champion freedom and self-reliance. That means we don’t like waiting on anyone if we need something, when we can just provide it ourselves.

But with all the crazy stuff happening, storms and hurricanes have been harder than ever.

We can’t help everyone, but with these free bonuses, you can keep some food cold so it doesn’t spoil, make a hot meal, turn the lights on after dark and even watch TV when no one else on your street can.

Take this simple step to protect your family and keep the lights on in a crisis, and just in time for the season… we’re going to LOAD YOU UP with bonus gifts.

I mean,
  •  Not only are you going to get an incredible solar generator so you can turn on your most important devices no matter what’s going on…
  •  Not only will you get a grab-and-go foldable solar panel that you can set up in less than a minute…
But take a look at what else you get with this deal…
“Worked As Advertised”
Jack: Easy to use and it works! We put it to use keeping our freezer going when we had an extra long power outage. It worked as advertised. We are very happy to have this unit in the house and ready for action if and when needed.
Go “Behind the Scenes” ⬇️
To Make This a Truly Unbeatable Deal, 
I’m Going to Add Some AMAZING Free Bonuses
Not one, not three, but TEN incredible FREE bonuses if you act now.
Bonus #1: FREE SHIPPING (a $200 value!):
For starters, I’m including Free Shipping on everything you see on this table. That’s right. FREE.

I want to get you this solar generator with the LEAST amount of hassle. There’s state of the art technology in this little box. So of course Big Government regulations make it EXPENSIVE to ship from our warehouse out West. Around $200! So we’ve “dotted all the I’s” and “crossed all the T’s” and fought the red tape so you don’t have to worry about it one bit.

Your Patriot Power Generator will be delivered right to your door in plain packaging that won’t reveal its contents. And it’s all on my dime.

It even arrives fully assembled and about 95% charged… so you can literally pull it out of the box and turn it on, with no tools and no installation. Just flip the switch.
Bonus #2: FREE 25 Foot Solar Panel Extension Cord (a $50 value):
Next I’m going to throw in a FREE 25-foot solar panel extension cord. 

That’s a $50 value. And it’s yours, free. 

If you use your solar generator inside, use this extension cord to plug it into your solar panels OUTSIDE. 

That way your panels can soak up the sun WHILE you get much needed power INSIDE your house! And I’m just getting started.
Bonus #3, 4, 5, and 6: Hard-Printed Reports Shipped to Your Door (a $20 value each):
Next I’m going to give you four hard-printed reports that ship in the box and you can hold IN YOUR HAND.
This bundle is some of the most CRUCIAL information I think everyone needs to see.

These reports will describe:
  •  Exactly what’s going on with our power grid
  •  What you need to do BEFORE a blackout
  •  Which household items make the biggest difference
  •  And a lot more
I put the value of these reports at around $20 each. I’m going to print all four of them and send them with your generator.

But that’s not all.
Bonus #7: 4Patriots 72-Hour Survival Food Kit (a $27 value):
I know that turning on your TV and even running your fridge is only the start.

That’s why I’m going to send you an entire weekend’s pack worth of delicious “survival” comfort food. Thousands of people pay for this 72-hour survival food kit. But I’m going to send you one absolutely free with your solar generator.

It’s got NINE adult meals inside this pouch for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We think of it as a starter pack for our bigger food kits… but I wanted to make sure you got it FREE with your solar generator.

How are you going to boil water in a crisis? Easy. With your Patriot Power Generator! Just plug in your electric kettle, boil the water, and pour into a pot with your survival food.

But why stop there? I’ve got even more that I want to give you TOTALLY FREE with your solar generator.
Bonus #8: Survival Spring Personal Water Filter (a $25 value):
See this little guy?

This little straw is really an advanced water filter worth about $25 on its own. And it’s yours. FREE.
  •  It takes out up 99% of waterborne bacteria and parasites.
  •  It fits in your pocket.
  •  It weighs only a little more than an ink pen.
  •  It doesn’t use any chemicals.
  •  It doesn’t need electricity.
  •  It doesn’t use batteries.
  •  It doesn’t even have any moving parts.
It just gives you crystal-clear, life-giving water at a moment’s notice when no clean drinking water is available.

There’s more.
Bonus #9: Survival Multi-Tool (a $10 value):
And for those little tasks when you don’t have power… I’m going to throw in a little tool about the size of a business card. It’s amazing with all these different sides on it.

It’s got:
  •  An edge for slicing things
  •  An edge for sawing things
  •  A can opener
  •  Two kinds of position wrenches
  •  A flathead screwdriver
  •  A ruler
  •  Even a water compass
And the best part is, it’s got a little keychain hole, so you can put in your backpack. And it’s small enough to stick it in right in your wallet.
Bonus #10: Slash Your Power Bills Playing Cards (a $10 value):
And just for fun, I have these playing cards I’m going to send you.

EACH one of the 52 cards in this deck has a different power saving tip that you can implement right NOW to slash your power bills, even without a crisis. Some of them will be easy tips you can do today… and some of them are good project ideas that can make a bigger impact on your savings.

Plus, playing cards are famous for providing hours of family entertainment during outages 🙂
That’s a total value of over $400.
And you’re getting all 10 bonuses… absolutely FREE with your solar generator and foldable solar panel.
Not only that, but like everything we sell at 4Patriots, you’ll be covered by our no-conditions, no-questions-asked, 100% money back returns for ANY reason for an ENTIRE year after your purchase.

We want you to really put this box to the test. Make sure it does EVERYTHING we said it can do. Charge it up. Drain it. Thousands of times if you want.
If it doesn’t do everything I say or if you’re unsatisfied for ANY reason, return it and I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked. You literally can’t lose.

And if you act now, I’ll also throw in something I’ve never offered before, to prove that I have total confidence in this product. For the life of your Patriot Power Generator 1500, you’ll get FREE reliable and knowledgeable technical support.

Now, anybody can set this up in less than a minute with zero tools. And there’s nothing to install. You literally just flip a switch.
Smitty: We lost power for a day after a snow storm and we ran the cell phones, internet and satellite with the Patriot Power Generator 1500. Was able to keep cell repeater and internet going the length of the outage with a full charge and the solar panel connected.
But if you have any questions at any time, just give us a shout and you’ll be on the phone with someone incredibly smart and friendly in no time. And you won’t have to dial a bunch of numbers. We always pick up the phone really fast.

This is one of my favorite free gift packages that we offer.

Packed with some of our most popular emergency products.

The fact is: The retail price of the Patriot Power Generator 1500 is $3997. But I’m going to do you one better, and offer the Patriot Power Generator 1500 for an unheard of price of $1997.

That’s over 50% off.
Mary: The power went out several weeks ago so I got my generator, plugged in the fan, got a glass of iced tea, got my lantern and a book and I read the afternoon away. Love it!!!
AND you get over $400 in free bonuses. And that includes FREE shipping.

But we don’t have much time.

This deal is available now. But when inventory runs out, we may need to pause this offer for weeks or months before we get enough back in stock to turn it on again.

It’s happened before. We’ve literally had customers signing up to be notified when our solar generators come back in stock. And when the generators finally came back in, we nearly sold out again just from our “waiting list.”

That’s why I want you to have every opportunity to grab your solar generator now.

But like I said, you have to move on it NOW.

Are you ready?

Then claim your FREE emergency pack worth over $400 now when you order a state-of-the-art Patriot Power Generator 1500. And we’ll ship everything for free to your door in a discreet package.

See all the details and place your order on the page below…
Free Shipping. 
Speak to a human at 1-800-680-8504
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Look, We’ve Run Out Before…
During one season, demand for our solar generator was so high that we ran out. And it was MONTHS before we got back enough in stock to open this incredible offer again.

Customers of our other products sent us their names and email address and asked to join a WAITING LIST. So they could be the first to be notified when we finally had some solar generators to ship.

And when we did get some back in stock, we opened up this amazing offer to those loyal customers first. And we nearly ran out of stock AGAIN.

So if you’re on the fence, I encourage you not to take too long.

Click the button below to see the secure, encrypted order form and a summary of everything included in this incredible offer:
Larry: We bought this Generator for the just in case moment. We haven’t had to use it yet, but we have tried it out. And it works as advertised. We’re pretty sure we’re the only ones on the block that have something like this, so we’re keeping it a secret for now. We’ve also invested in all the other food products, so we should be well taken care of in case of an emergency. Thanks.
Free Shipping. 
Speak to a human at 1-800-680-8504
Order online. Any Time
24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week / 365 Days a Year
Mike: Love it! Great purchase! A great piece of survival gear. Was looking for a small generator to run my CPAP machine at night because I quit breathing sometimes when I sleep and lose power a lot where we live. Got a lot more with the solar generator. Quiet and lightweight.
Dirk: Nice little power source when needed. I hooked it up to my camper and it ran everything but the air conditioner. Very simple and easy to use, thanks for offering a great little product!!!!!!!!
Paul: We were in the eye of Hurricane IRMA. My wife became really, really happy with our purchase. We could keep cell phones, radio batteries and several rechargeable multi-purpose batteries charged. And had reading lights for reading. A small string of LED lights on our porch light gave us needed security. It seemed expensive when we bought it … but believe me, we now realize it was worth every penny. It recharged as advertised. Five stars.
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